All Nippon airways to introduce VR security system training pilots

by:Fuhua     2020-09-13
Recently, all Nippon airways ( 安娜) Said it plans to introduce VR safety training system, is designed to help companies to identify and predict the future risk of mechanic, and improve the safety of aircraft operation aspects. Now VR technology has been successfully out of the lab and into People's Daily life, in addition to the general application of game entertainment, VR technology in logistics, industrial and medical fields also received a large number of applications. Because the VR application has the characteristics of low cost and high security, aviation industry in recent years has also been gradually introduced VR technology application field of flight training. Recently, Japan's aviation giant ana ( 安娜) Announced by VR training system to help predict its pilots flying risk, and improve the security of its driving plane. All Nippon airways, said its latest VR safety training system will be the 3 d simulation work environment, to participate in the training plan of pilot at the time of flight mission VR training system to follow instructions for safe operation. Ana is not the first to apply VR technology airlines flight training, in December 2019, the us defence contractors, Raytheon launched V - 22 osprey tilt rotorcraft VR training system, providing aviation maintenance, and training of pilots immersion simulation flight training. At the same time, the airline flight simulator CAE are also has launched the latest version of the VR training system, said the system can help promote force of the army and decrease the cost of the training of the pilots. ANA, executive vice President Tatsuhiko Mitsukura said: 'security has been ANA priority, will the latest VR technologies into our training program is to create a safer working environment for employees. We constantly adopted the advanced technology to train the staff, because we think it is very important to maintain its leading position in security. ”
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