9D VR Cinema

Amusement Multi-seats Interactive Virtual Reality 9D Cinema  is unique successful commercial VR product. 9D VR Cinema mainly uses VR glasses to show the 360° movies. It connects with the motion seats and bring you a totally different and real experience. You just need to wear VR glasses and then go into the world of the movies. And you can move your head and press the button on the seats to shoot the target in the movies. We have different kind of movies and different appearance shape model which will show you the different experience,such as 9D VR Six Seats 6 DOF Virtual Reality Tank Simulator For Game Center,Amusement VR Theme Park 9D Virtual Egg Cinema Simulator,Fiberglass Virtual Reality 9dvr Six Seats With 6 DOF Motion Platform,Indoor Amusement Park VR Slide Game Machine 9d Cinema Equipment and so on.9D VR Cinema is suitable for different ages,adults and kids can play the game together.

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