9102, you haven't played with VR children?

by:Fuhua     2020-09-18
VR popular science education VR education is one of the VR + model, the traditional, slightly boring teaching materials in a storage device, interactive teaching through VR head show products. By VR technology to simulate traffic, construction, fire, earthquake, typhoon, drowning and other disasters and potential safety hazard scenarios, the safety education site, to help learners to enhance safety consciousness, immersive learning emergency measures. Through more rich interesting interaction, really stimulate students explore the desire and interest in learning. VA technology bring children education methods of innovative wisdom, are improving their quality of science and technology. The education industry in the future, VR will show its great advantages, and will further change the existing pattern of education. VR space to explore the other day, tiangong number two home. Space travel has great attraction for the human, mysterious space make people mad world, produce infinite daydream. With the progress of society and science and technology, especially the development of VR technology, space travel is not far from us. And children wearing on VR devices, can immediately 'through' to the vastness of outer space, the abstract instant scenario presented itself in a book. Children of VR space through VR technology mining exploration, learn more knowledge, feel the unprecedented shock. VR anti-drug education in June 26 international day that day, many domestic land is held in the corresponding 'VR' anti-drug education activities. Pages such as guangzhou liwan district bridge JinDuWei, liwan district bureau of education, elementary school and bridge joint sand social work service station in pages, in river sand primary school 'the national anti-drug' series of activities and river sand primary school '6. 26 'anti-drug campaign. Event contains simulation drug exhibits, VR experience area. Drugs exhibit in the simulation, students could close watch to the drug, further improve the recognition of the drug; Site set up anti-drug VR experience area, the student can be put on VR glasses experience simulation emotions after drug use. VR experience real simulation after drug reaction, every students can experience the drug bad feelings. Through the effect of light and shadow, students can feel the change of visual, from the beginning balance to swing, make people dizzy. VR mental health education evaluation, according to a study by more than 300 VR is for anxiety, depression, and addiction of mental illness, such as effective tools. Therefore, in the psychological education of students, many immersive application is becoming a tool to improve patient care. Adolescent mental health at Harvard University, for example, researchers found that the intervention method based on VR lab, can be very effective to reduce the happening of the depression. VR red culture education using VR party plus VR red education technology, can restore the historical field actual scene, let students experience the red tour, study deeply apprehend the glory days of the year. Make different kinds of red theme and VR technology, such as the VR body moving equipment suitable for red war experience, this will let had retained on books hero 'alive'. Through the combination of VR and red education, images, text, video, scene means of reduction, real-time interaction, let the students to deepen the cognition to the revolutionary history, also master the theoretical knowledge flexibly. VR ocean education co-hosted the ancient China environmental protection foundation etc. 'the beauty of the ocean' project, using VR devices to ocean into classroom, let teenagers feel the beauty of the sea, to deepen the understanding to the Marine environment. By using VR form, let the children more intuitive, more willing to feel the beauty of the sea. This project has invited a dozen professional diver and photographer, with more than 100 times more than three months time underwater filming, testing, completed the VR education courseware. Since the development of VR museum, VR museum also not is a very novel approach. By VR technology to traditional museum coruscate gives new vitality, and more to attract the attention of students. And VR digital virtual showroom, only a small space, across time and space is infinite expansion, reduce the distance with the children, show a richer, more interactive. Such as the British museum has launched a VR project experience. By wearing VR equipment can view a variety of students came from the British museum collection. At the same time, VR equipment has the very strong interactivity, the students can interact with the various collections, and the feeling of real touch. Immersive experience, students can deepen the understanding of works of art. Since the VR industry since the outbreak of application field, education is one of the depth of infiltration of the industry. Domestic all kinds of VR classrooms, laboratories, experience successively appeared, let the VR in the education industry become a new favorite. Thanks to the immersive VR technology features, K12 education stage also gradually to look at it. So, this summer are you ready to take your children to experience the VR?
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