9 d virtual reality experience pavilion why so many people choose

by:Fuhua     2020-10-16

people always of 9 DVR virtual reality experience pavilion, the effect of the cool and fun entertainment knot, who can stay out again not to go? 9 DVR experience pavilion will be the technology more developed consumer market first.

9 d virtual reality experience pavilion is a high success rate of entrepreneurship to join project. In today's VR the tuyere, someone chose entrepreneurship, some people chose to wait. Many people saw the spring tide of the Internet, for example, you can't resist want to go to a slice, but really get a cup of soup?

at present, favored by commercial real estate, chain and other customers of 9D VR cinema, with dozens of monthly mercery speed, quickly to all parts of the country all kinds of shopping centers, theme parks, bookstores and movie theaters K room & hellip; … A group of 9 d virtual reality has been experience pavilion, popularity soared, revenue last blowout, is expected to reach thousands of years the size of the giant.

style is unique, flexible and simple investment, returns, quick results profits stable and durable, with a variety of business market advantage buy diamond investment level, what are you waiting for?

9D VR cinema virtual reality experience pavilion mysterious charm take you into a virtual reality, we have the ability to prove that this new type of dynamic VR capsule can through space, will you on Mars. Dynamic VR module USES a three degrees of freedom dynamic simulation platform, and can simulate all movements of the virtual environment.

believes that many people like a roller coaster, but ordinary roller coaster are in a real environment, only Hong Kong Ocean Park roller coaster was built in the sea of gold on the cliff. But in 9 DVR virtual reality experience centre, but there are a lot of virtual roller coaster, we can choose a different scenario, a space shuttle in the dream-like shadow dreamland.

as an ordinary consumers, for it is hard to try to buy high-end equipment. It can only go to some virtual experience shop for trying. But VR market consumer analysis, based on China current VR offline experience mainly has three operating modes: offline experience pavilion, theme parks and theme parks. Offline experiences as the mainstream of current VR industry promotion business model, and the future upgrade space is huge.

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