9 d virtual reality experience pavilion, fuhua intelligent science and technology bring you into the magical world!

by:Fuhua     2020-10-18

at the 9 d virtual reality experience, as long as you sit on the oval seats, to wear special glasses, can will myself to various environment, as if through the doraemon arbitrary door, directly into another has never been to the world: playing zombies, DouELong, roller, interstellar through & hellip; … Can do anything.

experience in the process, the audience can turn head, adjust the viewing Angle, realize the immersive surreal adventure experience.

comes to 9D VR cinema virtual reality experience!

you can experience the sky shuttle freely and city adventure, Jurassic park, the universe rangers, etc.

you can also operate any weapon in the game!

not letter, look down!

simulated outdoor roller coaster high-speed action video images of the virtual, virgin forests, cliff, mountains, air switch in different scenarios that players can seeking pleasure, in stimulating high playability and experience, can make the audience and the players have to their feelings, and outdoor scene is not a general image can be real and interesting, by the VR images, players can experience the game between the real and the virtual, make you have a general sense.

in order to protect the outer space, with his fearless determination, self-motivated, inner wear gun at hail of Lin also want to keep this final space base! Adventure story and grand magnificent space fighting scenes will let the audience greatly dump!

the fun of virtual reality, terror, stimulation, you can't imagine! Above only lists several VR film and, of course, hundreds of interesting fun games, VR, HTC body feeling game, etc. , to you know, ensure worthwhile. 。 。 。 。 。 。

come on 9 d virtual reality experience pavilion site experience a! ! ! !

VR can take you feel something you can't even think about. 。 。 。 。

fuhua intelligent 9 d virtual reality experience museum of science and technology, let you regret it!

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