9 d film manufacturer, fuhua tell you myopia also can see 9 d movie

by:Fuhua     2020-11-03

general health audience wearing short time 9 d glasses 9 d movie won't cause too big effect to the body, but also there will be a part of the uncomfortable situation.

the physical effects of 9 d glasses mainly lies in the physiological and psychological two aspects:

1, the physiological aspects of dry eye discomfort and fatigue, mainly because of crowded theater environment air drying, concentrated attention, blink less, lead to strong tear evaporation, dry eye symptoms. Because after 9D VR cinema glasses eyes can see the picture is different, need to the fusion of brain function will be two eyes of different image synthesis for a three-dimensional image, for binocular stereo visual function bad audience ( Such as anisometropia, strabismus, astigmatism, glasses fitting is not correct) Appear easily eyestrain, superciliary arch pain, eye bilges, ghosting and other discomfort.

2, even in serious psychological fear of jing, dizziness and nausea, mainly due to more than 9 d movie picture content for flight, rotation, quickly switch, through ups and downs of sports scene, have a fear of heights, motion sickness symptoms of at ordinary times for the audience are prone to mental stress and psychological discomfort, moreover 9 d movie music and pictures are more exciting, see the feeling after will be more happy, increase blood pressure in patients with cardiovascular disease may occur, dizziness, chest distress and discomfort.

9D VR cinema fuhua film manufacturer company, is more than a decade in the industry, more attention to this aspect. So 9 d movies can consider our company, can let you in the eye not myopic.

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