9 d dynamic movie theater of classification and comparison

by:Fuhua     2020-11-19

9 d cinema currently on the market recognized according to the way of power is divided into electric 9 d cinemas, hydraulic 9 d cinema and three kinds of pneumatic 9 d cinema. Among them, each has its own characteristics and advantages, in plain English under the technique in this paper, the three different kinds of 9 d cinema, let everybody to 9 d cinema to have a simple understanding. First, the difference of the power supply mode for power supply mode, the use of power supply mode also will be different. Under normal circumstances, the domestic electric 9 d cinema use AC220V50/60 hz power for power supply standard, consistent with national grid domestic load using the standard. While hydraulic 9 d cinema is ac three-phase four-wire ( AC380V) As a power source, belongs to the national industry and special equipment dedicated circuit using properties. And pneumatic 9 d cinema because each factory equipment used by the air compressor to choose AC220 or AC380 power demand. When exported to other countries and regions, equipment according to the local power grid electricity standards and make corresponding change, just a frequency converter device. Second, power supply, power supply as the name suggests is the power supply modes, commonly known as the engine. This is divided into 9 d cinema at present the main basis. Electric 9 d cinema use servo motor to do dynamic way. Servo motor advantage is of high precision, fast speed, the response in milliseconds, the disadvantage is that the cost is relatively expensive. Hydraulic 9D VR cinema cinema use hydraulic oil pump drive hydraulic cylinder as 9 d dynamic platform power way, advantage is pump pressure is strong, can meet in the big platform, 9 d cinema seats, more widely used and economical. Pneumatic 9 d cinema movement platform injection pressure for air compressor. Third, dynamic part of the work of electric power control electronic board 9 d cinema in the action of total control system receives the 9 d cinema command, the synchronous servo motor work instructions, motor after receiving instructions made action reflects is almost without any delay, servo motor with the electromagnetic coupling drive electric cylinder operation, namely namely stop, closed control, response speed in milliseconds, with micron as start-stop movement distance precision. Response moments, electromagnetic force feedback correction control between tens of milliseconds ( 1 seconds = 1000 milliseconds) , the human body completely feel the change within such a short time, therefore the electric 9 d action cinema with its exquisite performance, the fluid to the experience of 9 d movie action experience, experience more vivid. Hydraulic power components in turn 9 d cinema for three-phase ac motor, oil pump, oil tank, oil pipe, oil pipe piece, electromagnetic valve, hydraulic cylinder, and a cooling fan. When the server 9 d movie, the system automatically obtain the action file through the computer to signal transmission platform boards, three-phase motor and the circuit relay, relay instruction execution action control solenoid valve, three-phase motor for each tubing oil supply, electromagnetic valve receives instructions do switch action, so that the motor oil to each cylinder, drive oil cylinder movement up and down, and the degree of coordination of broadcast images have certain error! Pneumatic 9 d cinema motivation comes from air compressor equipment, working principle and hydraulic pressure difference is not big, the air compressor inject compressed air through the valve switch control platform support driven platform motion in the cylinder. In pneumatic power belongs to the early products, currently on the market has been less used! Fourth, the difference of customer experience the customer experience from the subjective feeling, the subtle changes in the body by the force can give a person the sense is very clear. Electric 9 d cinema movement platform with servo motor, the response speed of the unparalleled make the body cannot feel and identification of mechanical motion correction, all feel perfect smooth experience. Action in accordance with the movie plot, action coordination rate above 99%. The feeling of dreaming as experience, that is, go or stop, reduction of realistic experience. Hydraulic 9 d cinema and pneumatic 9 d cinema movement platform in action convey experience because of computer instruction to action system, because when the hydraulic oil supply oil cylinder cylinder has a certain space, up and down inside completely on the supply of oil, cylinder hydraulic oil, gas and pressure to determine, it takes time to oil, gas, and the influence of the external environment factors is not we can control, completely depends on occasion, because it takes time to oil and gas, so the cylinder can't follow instructions to action, so the performance in customer experience action with the film plot is not perfectly, so coordination degree has the certain error.

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