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7D cinema

     7D interactive film market has been concerned by many people, is a new high-tech simulation multi-player versus entertainment products.Has 5 d environmental effects, and the latest international popular 3 d, 4 d technology to interact with people of interactive technology, and special effects seat and environmental effects, simulation for each seat is equipped with a pistol, 7 d cinemas can let tourists and film characters or play against monsters in real time, after the game, through the system statistics, published ranking, produce result of competition between the audience, to hit the enemy most wins, experience the joy and pride to beat the competition to complete the task.These will bring the audience never had the stimulation and the joy, lets the audience linger on, thus induces the audience to repeatedly watch the high and low impulse and the desire.7D cinema is a small entertainment theatre with no more than 9 seats.

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