7 d cinema equipment and special effects!

by:Fuhua     2020-11-16

fuhua intelligent technology 7 d movie as very different from traditional movies emerging way of viewing, its subversive not only embodies in the special effects system ( Viewing equipment) , the film also with traditional 2 d / 3D films are quite different.

audio effects: fuhua intelligent technologies 7 d audio effects system including a metal screen, projector, frame ( ) with a polarized lens, , broadcast server, control cabinet, screen, bass speakers, the main speakers, surround speakers, amplifiers and other equipment. Software system includes film effects editor, video player, synchronous control system, action sequence system and environmental effects. Equipment is mainly including high configuration computer, display, cabinet, etc.

fuhua intelligent technology of 7 d movie equipment: screen display equipment: high gain, large viewing Angle, professional stereo cinema metal projection screen, long service life and resistance to the ambient light interference.

seat equipment: fuhua intelligent technology 7 d movie special seats, six degrees of freedom dynamic control, 12 combined bearing, 36, 72.

the central control device, control the action of stereoscopic video playback, sport seats control, motion curve correction, the control of sensory effects.

stereo projection equipment, industrial-grade stereoscopic film projection equipment, high image resolution, brightness, good color reproduction, have a good view.

special equipment: power systems such as dynamic seat with sedimentation, swing, vibration, touch the legs, jet, water spray, ErFeng, ErYin effects such as function; Environmental effects can do around the bubble simulation, smoke simulation, snow, rain, such as lightning simulation increase unless viewers into the feeling and stimulation.

fuhua 7D movie theater audio equipment of intelligent technology, USES the high quality sound effects of multichannel surround sound system. To simulate the aircraft flight, typically, etc. Multichannel surround sound system can make the movement characteristics of bodies around, can accurate positioning objects of sports, make stereoscopic film voice stereo rise, form a real three-dimensional space. Build a vertical audio-visual space.

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