7 d car cinemas car six big advantage that you can't think of money all difficult

by:Fuhua     2020-10-17

7 d car theater car six major advantages make you money, can't make money is difficult!

when developing a new product, we can make market research, have a look at the car's potential market and where our strengths, user friends to provide a full range of market positioning, the escort for your business.

by fuhua intelligent technology under the 7 d car car manufacturers for you to tell me the movie theater, where the advantage of the 7D car theater car!

the first, don't need management place, save the rent and deposit, transfer fee, property costs, and renovation costs.

the second, do not need to hire employees, if is a fixed 7 d cinema, must hire the employees within the business hours, if it is 7D car theater car can choose at any time to rest, and save a sum of labor.

3, 7 d car theater most big advantage is its liquidity, it can go to any place you want to go to, whether it is a prosperous city area, park, leisure square, street, near the school; Or market towns. So it's great market space.

4, if you don't intend to personally, can also realize property monitoring, as well as through the GPS satellite positioning monitoring vehicles. Greatly convenient to expand the scale of investment, investors or cross-industry business a variety of business.

5, 7D is the advantage of the film itself, since 2009, 3D movie 'avatar' hit, 4D, 7 d appeared, along with the popularization of science and technology, the 7 d is ultimately will replace the ordinary plane film now, so it is a trend.

now send movies to the countryside to rural people 7 d movies, not the cinema would be popular, the market prospects are very broad.

6, 7 d car cinema vehicle because of its liquidity, so can save advertising costs for you, not like other 7 d cinema, need to word of mouth. 7 d car theater car body where ads go on, without a cent.

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