5 g + VR era! VR industry to break the ice

by:Fuhua     2020-09-02
This year 5 g commercial popularization speeding up, the current mainstream VR wore a device equipped with 4 k ultra clear screen, high rate of 5 g features will be used more than 8 k and ultra hd content, new technology is accelerating the development of the industry as a whole VR. Eye check pro data show that there are more than 1. 2 m enterprise name, scope of business including 'VR, virtual reality', and the status of employment, survival, immigration and emigration of VR related enterprise, limited liability company accounted for eighty percent. Will be subject to industrial and commercial registration, as of August 11, eye check pro, according to data from China in the first half of this year, a total of more than 1300 VR new related businesses, a month on average 230 new home. March is the new VR related businesses, in the most number of nearly 300, rose 288%. VR simulator manufacturer ( Beijing le guest lingjinghutong technology co. , LTD. ) Was established in 2015 to the present, under another branch of guangzhou guest lingjinghutong technology co. , LTD. , it is able to stand out in such a huge VR games industry, thus the strength VR simulator manufacturer. VR simulator manufacturer mainly for VR offline experience pavilion, provides the unification of the peripheral hardware control system and content integration, through the guest VRLe content distribution platform, content distribution of content producers to VR experience pavilion, and cooperation with content producers, experience shop is divided into, for VR content development team realized through channels. Nowadays, the domestic industry of VR application in industry scenarios presented ice rebound phenomenon, VR equipment in such aspects as quality of clarity, immersive experience had certain progress, but in fact want to do a good job in VR games industry, first of all have to choose a good partner and gaming devices. The VR simulator manufacturer to join is the choice of many investors, its development from 2015 to now, there have been numerous successful cases, all over the country and even abroad is littered with its offline store experience, the strength of it is self-evident. VR simulator manufacturer will fully support for you, let you easily worry-free, joining the VR simulator manufacturer has the following advantages: 1, site selection, location, position evaluation, financial analysis. 2, set up shop: site planning, 3 d design, opening material. 3, product: new VR equipment, high-end configuration. 4, content: high quality game content, networking quick update. 5, services: use of actual combat training, store hosting service, the cloud VR management platform, easily. 6, after-sale: 7 * 24 online customer service, remote and solve the problem. 7, revenue, profit space is large, fast profit. Along with the advance of VR technology, the development prospects of VR industry visible to the naked eye, VR experience pavilion, is connected to the future way of the game, to join the industry, at the moment is the best moment. VR simulator manufacturer with its powerful strength has been among the in VR, and the way in the future is looking forward to have the same dream of you to join us!
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