5 d movie to join to make money?

by:Fuhua     2020-11-16

can join the 5 d movie to make money?

the answer is possible. Key is to see you how to operate and the promotion, but in China market and the prospect of such personal investment under 5 d movie, now is the best time, now all of our partners almost no one said there was no money. Shadow under the company specific to analyze the market of joining 5 d films in China.

5 d cinema prospects:

according to statistics, China's population of one billion three hundred million people, really seen stereoscopic film less than 1% of the people. The traditional three-dimensional cinema cost as high as millions or even tens of millions of yuan, the average consumer can't contact. But China's huge market and huge spending power has a great demand on stereoscopic film again. 5 d stereo projection happens to fill this gap to provide professional equipment. Only tens of thousands of yuan, even personal management. In low cost and ensure the watch costs low, thus bring generous profits. Even if each audience is 20 yuan/times, a theater seat on a one hundred - seat is only 80% of the rate, have great competitive advantage. Of course, on the process of making the price need to see the local consumption ability. According to our research and customer feedback, in less developed areas, charge 10 - each time 20 yuan, watching 60 minutes stereoscopic film, can be generally accepted.

personalized enjoyment, flexible mode of operation. Good normalizing do now earn a month 60000, general cinema to seat one hundred, 20 yuan ticket, one day can put a lot of games! So join the 5 d movie is so good!

edge fusion is the lowest price sale, plane and cambered surface, cylindrical and spherical easy for operation, long-distance bus terminal, the airport railway station, port, park, children's park, tourist attractions, resorts, small 5 d films in these places, the service will be increased for visitors management projects, and improve the local cultural taste and class, increase the operating income, make people in a nap at the same time enjoy the new creative culture.

cinema, video halls, shopping malls, shopping center, leisure square, entertainment, dining, leisure, multi-function is the development direction of modern business, small 5 d cinema is a rare bright spot, its novel and unique culture grade for shopping malls into the vitality, bring the sentiment.

bath center, kindergarten, bar, teahouse, cafe, game hall at present, these places are too single, unable to meet the personalized requirements, a comprehensive range of people, small 5D cinema, will no doubt make these places by adding a new service projects, and get a cash cow, and one more in peer competition weapon. Schools, kindergartens, youth palace.

small 5 d cinema is an excellent tool for the popular science education, educational, it education in stereoscopic 3 d movie culture, the infinite imagination and thinking ability, will inspire the student to cultivate teenagers love science, explore the interest of science, especially we have all kinds of science and education of natural science class three-dimensional piece, to take the children to an interest of the scientific world, the impact on children is huge, its role is immeasurable. Rural villages and towns

small 5 d film is suitable for the rural flow management, with a motorcycle carrying, walking street, household management, can be a year income is considerable. Other aspects

enterprise aspect: the device can help enterprises to carry out a variety of interactive 3 d virtual simulation display products, especially the large equipment exhibition, show a large real estate projects, potential users will be able to make the visitors, through immersive site experience and interactive operation, in the heart was greatly shocked.

the government and municipal construction

the governments at various levels by the device, with the three-dimensional virtual simulation method, the municipal construction, urban specification, key projects and urban cultural, tourism, scenic spots and historical sites, etc. To the leaders at all levels, the Chinese and foreign guests and the general public in the three-dimensional virtual display, to attract foreign investment, create city brand, improve the urban visibility will play a great role in promoting.

community, units, organs, rich cultural life, show the image of their own.

5 d movie house tailored for medium and small entrepreneurs ten thousand yuan level some solutions:

standard entry level 5 d cinema:

1, the first thing you want to be in your city, County and town) My wife flow relatively large downtown selected a appearance as a shadow room, the projection booth, 16 ㎡ - requirements - 18 ㎡, width should be no less than 2. 8 m. The height is not less than 3 m. ( After you sign the letter of intent for cooperation company market will be sent to you for thoughtful professional consulting and advice)

2, entry level 5D cinema = 80000 yuan investment 【 Including six dynamic professional seat system and computer control system + 10 standard specific environmental simulation device and the computer control system ( Including scanning legs, jet, lightning, rain, spray, bubble, smell, drop, from side to side and rear) + + two sanyo 3000 lumens hd projection player professional 3D metal projection screen, According to the actual need to custom size) + a senior theater audio system ( Including a borne power amplifier and a pair of front main speakers, a pair of rear surround speakers) + a silent high-power air compressor + central integration control work station a.

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