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4D cinema

     4D cinema is developed from the traditional 3D cinema. Compared with other types of cinema, 4D cinema has the characteristics and advantages of prominent theme, high technology content, vivid effect and strong impact of picture.People not only introduce the special effects such as vibration, fall, wind blowing, water spraying, tickling and leg sweeping into 3D cinema, but also elaborate the effects such as smoke, rain, photoelectric, air bubble and smell according to the scene of the film, forming a unique experience, which is the very popular 4D cinema today. And 5 d cinema is on the basis of the 4 d cinema developed a kind of film art form, it contains all the functionality of the cinema 4 d, 5 d cinema use seat effects and environmental effects feeling perfectly together, then add the plot type interactive games, in a surreal feeling with special synchronization performance, stimulative effect, with simulation scenario and special agency set up to simulate the actual events, at the same time of be vividly portrayed, lifelike three-dimensional images,With the changes of the plot and the full use of interactive props, the audience can participate and fully immerse themselves in the plot to experience illusory simulation and thrilling adventure travel. 

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