4 let you understand the core elements of fire safety experience pavilion

by:Fuhua     2020-11-21

today fuhua intelligent technology in here with all of you take a look at the core elements of fire safety experience pavilion, the design of fire safety experience pavilion is a very important problem. About the fire safety experience pavilion, do you know what is its core elements? Then we'll take a look at.

1。 Make clear construction combined with the reality and targeting the cause of the fire fighting experience pavilion, and according to the actual needs of the users, combined with the actual situation, why create experience pavilion, make fire experience pavilion overall design has a way of thinking. Clear sense of direction.

2。 Equipment category before the priority in the design of fire control experience hall, the first thing to determine what equipment should be including in the hall of experience, and according to the priority of various fire fighting equipment to determine the location of the device and cover an area of an area.

3。 Intelligent embedded to enhance the user experience, professional and reliable fire experience hall design will add some intelligent elements, such as intelligent button, intelligent control, intelligent data processing and intelligent induction. Through these intelligent method, can be more real, more quickly demonstrate various fire situation, making a great user experience for all participants.

4。 Equipment, facilities and space systems integration at present, as one of the national key promotion project, fire fighting experience pavilion, with its fun experience, the unique advantages of interactive, is advancing across the country. Reliable quality, reliable engineering, interactive experience good fire experience pavilion design has become the demand of choice. Fire experience pavilion design only in combination with the actual situation, determine the priority of equipment and facilities, and add the intelligent design elements, plan to finally realize the important role of fire scene simulation.

the design with a focus on the integration of fire fighting experience hall fire equipment, facilities and functions as well as outer space, and can simulate the fire situations, such as how people live in a high floor. How to escape in the hallway filled with smoke, how to put out the kitchen when fire and how to use the fire fire safety rope, etc. , so that users can experience a set of interactive activities on site.

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