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3D cinema

     3D cinema is an emerging special cinema in the world, featuring outstanding main body, high technology content and realistic effects.In the process of experience, the audience can truly feel the various objects in the film coming to their faces, as if in the film environment, feel the novel experience brought by high and new technology.Stereoscopic projection system is composed of stereoscopic films and stereoscopic projection equipment. Stereoscopic films are usually produced by digital film special effects technology. Through modeling and rendering by computer related software, the generated stereoscopic films can reach the camera position and shooting Angle that is difficult to reach by ordinary cameras.The performance content is mostly due to the high temperature, high pressure, high risk or not in the same space and other events that cannot be filmed by ordinary cameras.For example: volcano, tsunami, deep sea, outer space and so on. Although there are 4d,5d,7d and even 9d cinemas in the market at present, 3d cinemas are still the mainstream of mass consumption, and most of the cinemas with dynamic sense and special effects are inclined to entertainment short films. Subtitle Description.

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