3 glasses China unicom, hand in hand to advance 5 g VR field

by:Fuhua     2020-09-18
On March 17, China unicom will hold strategic cooperation with 3 glasses online conference. 3 glasses as Asia's first production research and development of VR head show, VR's first commercial mode ( Offline experience point mode) Pioneer, the country has nearly 6000 experience terminal of VR industry leading enterprises in China, the China unicom conference in hand around the 'terminal, application and service' all-round cooperation. Teamed up with industry partners, better service to users. China unicom terminals and channel support center ( Unicom huasheng) Deputy general manager of roach said, 3 glasses as the country's most innovative brand of VR in the head, China unicom will instead of in VR hardware, content, comprehensive cooperation platform, channels, based on China unicom XR terminal alliance, China unicom will conduct a series of cooperation fu can help 3 glasses promotion plan and the commercialization process, together with all partners to help 3 glasses in China and the development of the global market. This conference, to transfer 'bound' in today's environment, using the VR technology features good breakthrough time and space limitation. Conference, 3 glasses signed content published a number of cooperation with China unicom, which specific on terminals, content, channels are involved. On the product 3 glasses finally release the circle of science and technology and three glassesx1s VR fans have been waiting for. Learned from the current information we have exposed a new 'X1S' will be from the resolution, PPI and viewing Angle, and many other core parameter optimization to conduct a comprehensive upgrade. At present, several key parameters of exciting PPI is as high as 1058, nearly 4 k display, viewing Angle; Increase the built-in voice input and output, can free collocation with mobile phone, to hang neck VR host, computer use. Qualcomm, meanwhile, as one of the most important cooperation partner 3 glasses, in order to promote the development of market of XR, qualcomm created 'Xiao dragon XR optimization' project, is responsible for providing tools and specifications to ensure that the head show and processing unit that is between 5 g phone or special processing units can achieve good compatibility and excellent performance, in the scheme, all head can be connected with mobile phone. 3 glasses as qualcomm XR first signing partner, engaged in ultra-thin short focal research and development of VR glasses, glasses 3 X series of ultra-thin VR glasses and Xiao dragon mobile phones under the support of China unicom, 5 g network will bring consumers different experience. 3 glasses, on the other hand, the definition of X series for the realization of the screen of intelligent mobile phone infinitely accessories, inviting global mobile terminal to cooperation, hand in hand to create a new horizon, DP over type - A key to achieve C interface to access. Zte, 39. 110, - 2. 44, - 5. 87%) Vice President Luo Hui said: 3 glasses as zte in VR field one of the most important partners, zte mobile phone screen will be 3 glasses5g infinitely application of one of the important partners, and 3 glassesx ultra-thin VR series to achieve deep strategic cooperation. Create fully adapt to multiple application scenario 5 g digital interactive terminals. Content aspect, as the major shareholder of 3 glasses, digital kingdom is the international top special effects company is also the world's top VR production company, produced the first VR film around the world, digital kingdom CEO and executive director Xie An said: China unicom is leading in the development of Chinese 5 g, 3 glasses is VR hardware head enterprises in China, made a lot of high quality digital kingdom of VR, created the VR history, China unicom, the combination of 3 glasses and digital kingdom, will realize the movie 'the number one player' oasis of dream. On the specific content of cooperation, 3 glasses will independent content platform VRSHOW through 'terminal, application and service' upgrade experience to develop more high quality content of VR. Use some of the new policy to aggregate quality upgrading of VRSHOW content resources. Three other glasses will also be VRSHOW as the core content, continue to support the developers push VR content ecological co-prosperity. Gradually implement incubation program, sharing and co-prosperity. With incubation 10 high quality developer team, making 10 boutique content; For developers to provide quarterly market analysis and content; Cooperation in the first year increase developers into 90% project pre-installed and provide services. VRSHOW dong-qi liu, head of the platform to us: VRSHOW as VR content aggregation platform, will with scenes, characters, application classification, make more in line with the user and the contents of the user experience model. Through the three platform combined the content and three series (10000 + VR video, VR games, VR application/quality content and application of 54, 455 video game) , to provide customers with diversified contents, for developers to provide a broader market space. Future, VRSHOW will also by VR cinema, VR paradise, VR, VR social life four big zone expanded C terminal services, first paragraph 15 new boutique games, video, 80. Conference, China unicom terminals and channel support center ( Unicom huasheng) Deputy general manager of roach said: 5 g is accelerating, in the industry, network and application in acceleration, the sudden outbreak, but also has given rise to the emergence of many new technologies. 5 g + VR, Britain.
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