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by:Fuhua     2020-09-24
Each time has the power of innovation to advance every new breakthrough is the utmost we actively explore, keep on trying to change again and again, again and again, finally, make a person enchanted ushered in the four new products - 01 flying cinemas Double version - - 她喜欢虚拟现实电影双座位——飞行 - Double 360 ° rotating three-dimensional dynamic VR cinema two people together, happy double challenge gravity, detonate VR charm rotate 360 ° comprehensive dynamic seat to simulate a variety of action 4 k high-definition, immersive experience, no vertigo cover an area of an area small, flexible operation and VR drainage products quality content of the theme park on the universe adventure star cross, you will be in the space shuttle through distant galaxies, flying over the asteroid belt, into an epic battle space. In the game, please enjoy the perfect visual experience and manipulate a starship. Extreme sports the super big pendulum, deep sea exploration the submarine tour - Siren, natural wonders of the castle is a roller coaster '02 le corps pro - - LEKE VR Corps Pro - - Unattended VR self-help arcade helmet system, automatically for anti-theft security magnetic suction game handle design, easy to use 55 inch Gao Qingbing toughened glass, touch control for game enthusiasts high-end head show HTC Cosmos six camera sensors, perfect tracking system inside and outside a huge number of rich content of more than 300 VR game support multiplayer online multiplayer VR theme park suction gold artifact premium content on VR shooting game 'mercenaries' highly reduction of battlefield environment and the tension, feel the flame grilled hair tip, the bullet slightly to the ears of the stimulus. You will be completely immersed and involuntarily down or sideways to avoid flying bullets. Level design is compact, strong sense of reality, grab your gun be the hero of the maintenance of world peace. VR tower defense game wonderland guards, VR games straight time and space, VR chamber of escape 'ghost chamber of 18 layer' 03 guest theater - Four people -- - 她喜欢电影- VR 4席位 - Four VR 3 d dynamic cinema 360 ° immersive experience extreme audio-visual enjoyment ergonomic chairs, snug rich interactive action buttons, virtual simulation effects are more immersed the sense mass quality VR game content, unlimited charm of VR covers an area of less than 6 ㎡, four people, back to the quick VR theme park of ping effect product quality content on adventure 'the nightmare' circus and mysterious master clown we get together for a ride. He will take you through the strange and fascinating world. Prepared in this virtual sitting in a haunted house small train, come to an adventure travel. Science fiction movie 'monster', underwater world 'octopus legend', children's zone 'dragon island paradise' 04 star trek - - 她喜欢飞船, - More than six degrees of freedom motion of three-dimensional dynamic cinema wider more readily interactive experience more exquisite and rich virtual simulation effects blowing swing rhythm, vibration, tong back, rise, subduction, swing, etc so as to bring more intense, more real VR gaming experience six people experience at the same time, high plateau effect, high revenue, back to the fast VR theme park town shop treasure of the premium content on adventure 'seafood treasure' players into the game as a explorer, through research and detection of known seafood treasures sinking area, then into the ocean to explore. Sunk in exploring seafood treasures, inadvertently awakened the abyssal beasts in the sunken ship, thrilling and exciting way to escape continues to expand. Dinosaur adventure flax, magical journey, natural wonders of the deep sea exploration, extreme sports, 'snow country speed' see so breathtaking products is make you feel excited new listings manufacturers welcome to VR simulator continuously explore virtual reality world experience the VR devices you most enchanted tells you the most tempted VR experience
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