2019 VR industry have what is worth looking forward to

by:Fuhua     2020-09-19
2018 seems to be a very special year for VR industry, in addition to the enterprise product market reaching maturity, offline VR casino in the western market is becoming more and more popular, such as VR music rhythm game 'Beat the Saber ', big Hollywood commercial movies 'top players' popular all over the world. According to statistics, in 2018, the virtual reality VR market only equipment sales reached an astonishing $54 billion. By 2020, the VR market equipment and services sales will reach $186 billion. Then in 2019 years, what is worth looking forward to VR industry? VR equipment rapid iteration, a industry activity will continue in the second half of 2018, VR industry equipment for a comprehensive upgrading, in PC, HTC launched a better definition of VIVE PRO; In the mobile terminal, millet, Pico, iQIYI all-in-one PC manufacturers have launched their own mobile. At the same time, Facebook released Oculus Quest will be listed in 2019. New VR equipment let the user experience of online/offline cost down significantly, immersive rose. As VR equipment upgrading, will bring 2019 VR industry how to change, let's wait and see! Second, the ministry of industry policy, the standard clearly defined requirements on December 25, 2018, the ministry issued a 'about accelerating the development of virtual reality industry guidance', put forward to 2025, the overall strength of virtual reality industry in China into the world, grasp the key core patent and standard virtual reality, many has stronger international competitiveness in the virtual reality of backbone enterprises, promote product virtual reality technology in manufacturing, education, culture, health, trade and other industries in the field of application. Different is that this policy document detailing the industry development direction and technical standards, to upgrade the manufacturer very clear guidance. So, the visible state of the development of virtual reality industry attention. 3, 5 g strategy to speed up, VR industry directly benefit in 2018, the direct effect of a trade war with China, China for 5 g standard and base station construction speed significantly. Operators have already on the way to 5 g + VR trying for several years. In the age of 5 g, VR application will be the number one cause of application scenarios, 5 g large bandwidth, low latency characteristics can get full embodiment in VR applications; The cloud VR, is 5 g era VR application scenarios in the way. In 5 g cloud VR scene, operation can be migrated to the edge, the clouds, so as to make the terminal design becomes more simple and cost-effective, pushing VR into the mainstream. As 5 g began to popular, whether we have enough and good enough VR games/applications and panoramic video, for 5 g network to fill, it is also a 2019 VR industry is worth looking forward to. The above three points is worth looking forward to 2019 VR industry. After years of development, VR technology is more and more mature, so what the latest trends in 2019 VR technique? 1, the most advanced control VR VR after new users a headset, the first thing to do is put your hands on the front, then they can see in the simulation of real world their hands, this is to control the VR ( 控制虚拟现实) 。 Use motion sensor technology, users can see their hand and body in a VR world. Angle range of 360 ° this is in order to provide the user with VR simulation fully immersive experience. Some big companies are using military action tracker to track hand movements, finger gestures can be even better. 2, internal tracking internal tracking technology will be 2019 VR industry a major change. External tracking technology and original VR system the difference is that users do not need to install cameras around and external equipment and so on the tracker, and then sitting or standing in the room experience VR. Through internal tracking technology of new VR devices, users only need to wear the new glasses and installed the camera system, can be free to move in a space and virtual reality in the six dimensions of freedom. 3, 8 k VR 8 k VR headsets provide 4 k resolution display for each eye, the headset has 16 million pixels, the resolution is six times the current VR headsets. Some advanced headphones also supports the eye tracking and all position tracking, in order to get more real experience in the virtual world. 4, advanced VR accessories VR exercise chairs have been developed, by integrating 360 degrees movement will VR experience ascend to a new level. The chair is replace flight simulation and the best choice of the theme park simulator. With the development of the omni-directional treadmill, VR market future brighter. All the running machine is the first stage of cutting-edge technology, users can roam freely in the real world and simulation experience, rather than the location of the deviation from the real world.
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