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by:Fuhua     2020-09-21
Today, the amusement industry pageant 2018 China ( Beijing) International amusement facilities equipment exhibition, at the national conference center grand opening, the highly regarded in the industry, the exhibition VR simulator manufacturer integrating industry resources, 'situation' series products at the amusement, become a focus of this exhibition sentiment. Today, 2018 China ( Beijing) International amusement facilities equipment exposition grand opening! To attract more than 30 countries worldwide more than 5000 amusement parks and attractions suppliers, developers, more than 20000 professional buyers to come! VR simulator manufacturer as a leader of the new entertainment booth appearance is to upgrade professional attendees strong onlookers theme entertainment, to lead a new direction for 2018 as a new entertainment pioneer and innovator of VR, VR simulator manufacturer use their accumulated to the industry, respectively against B end C end of tens of thousands of copies of market research and development at the beginning of many cool appearance, the market was the VR devices. Launch in March 2017 racing online VR products, leading the VR online racing in 2017. This year 2018 Beijing amusement show, VR simulator manufacturer again: matrix space, rainbow dinosaur valley, situations, such as series of products, fresh air to continue to lead the 2018 industry. Matrix space popularity, stimulating experience a good product, must meet two conditions, let consumer fun, 2 let operations make money. The matrix space contains multiple types stimulating experience content, meet different preferences. Experience content combined with a theme of packaging design, vibration effects and contents and perfect synchronization, players high satisfaction. Support multiplayer online interaction, flat effect than high, the profit space is large. Deep exploration of large VR theme park garden treasure in September 2017, guest group launched the deep exploration for the first time, with its perfect reduction SDC modelling, as well as the experience of Europe's top team, lead to industry. A large theme park - — Suzhou park phase ii into deep sea exploration, acclaimed! Deep exploration according to the custom demand, at present can be achieved more than one hundred people experience at the same time, into a large theme park garden treasure! Stellar exploration industry application model stellar exploration is an innovative technology products, based on the traditional entertainment has successful landing national AAAAA theme park - — Suzhou paradise, you can choose to many people online interactive mode, content experience type for science fiction style, suitable for experience player widely, 5 - 60 years experience can feel fun. Hot style sheet is tasted upgrade VR experience store development new thought VR simulator manufacturer is committed to global high-quality offline VR entertainment experience, service VR entertainment hall more than 3500, customers all over the world exported to Britain, the United States, Japan and other regions, and continuously accelerate expansion. Bring to the user's rich experience effect, VR simulator manufacturer also constantly develop many wide praise customers market experience, the rapid flash of this exhibition, champion snow race also has been praised by the players, big shout smash. 'VR +' subversive industry pattern revolution VR simulator manufacturer with several years of unremitting efforts, service VR entertainment museum, more than 3500 customers around the world exports to Britain, the United States, Japan, Korea, dubai, Croatia, Indonesia, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, more than 40 countries and regions. This positive and leading business model and platform value, in addition to been recognized by users and also get the recognition of the capital market. But 2018 VR experience store exactly how to quickly set off consumer market? VR simulator manufacturer gives new answers - — VR + VR + theme park, VR + video city, VR + experience store, VR + scenic area, VR + science and technology museum, VR + red experience, VR + safety education ', is a kind of breakthrough, at the same time, it will change the VR industry overall layout. With the integration of VR technology and Internet technology, the innovation and development, the application of VR technology and VR + levels of the revolution, like 'Internet +' to '+' all sectors, all aspects of would change the world, can have virtual reality technology, virtual places have 'VR +'. The future new entertainment forms will form a new mode of 'VR + entertainment'. Also seems to be for VR market indicates a new way of light. 'VR + model' has numerous possible, also can and numerous industry to implement cross-border cooperation. Le guest group of 'VR + model' will be a new life after 8090 entertainment, will lead the industry moves towards 'VR entertainment' new era! VR simulator manufacturer, your best partner!
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