2017 investment to join the new to the standard - — Fuhua intelligent vr theme park of science and technology

by:Fuhua     2020-10-17

now popular a kind of entertainment & ndash; — Vr theme park, which is a kind of can bring people great stimulation, entertainment options, the truth of it is very strong, can give you the immersive experience. Because play many and have a sense of reality, so he is very popular among young consumers, children are very like. If you want to invest in VR experience industry to join, just look at the following fuhua intelligent VR technology details of the theme park.

fuhua intelligent technologies of vr theme park? Fuhua intelligent vr theme park of science and technology to achieve real-time monitoring, the game can be patented technology through interactive voice calls, to implement a management background monitoring and implementation of command and control multiple vr terminal at the same time, the first time to solve problems when consumer experience, instant service, guarantee the consumption experience. Fuhua intelligent technology integration of vr theme park will manage the timing, front desk cashier, has an independent front desk billing, timing, member management, and other management software, efficient management, saving labor costs.

fuhua intelligent vr games theme park of science and technology resources, the system comes with more than 30 independently choose to play the game, with ornamental, melee, shooting, archery, high weightless experience, and other types of games, and game increasing real-time updates. Fuhua intelligent technology vr games, the theme park regularly updated free upgrades, and provide various vr content resources, make your joining store fresh fun content at any time, to attract consumers, business monopoly advantage!

fuhua intelligent technologies of vr theme park market prospects? VR is an emerging industry experience, it is popular in recent years, the market is still in a state of blue ocean, many cities have not VR experience pavilion. However, if a city has a vr experience pavilion, people after the demo, will become addicted, every consumer in an endless stream. If you also want to participate in has not too many competitors of VR industry experience, to welcome you to join fuhua intelligent VR theme park of science and technology.

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