2000 sets of domestic first large-scale landing AR project AR glasses open happy valley play section

by:Fuhua     2020-09-28
As China's first theme park for independent innovation chain brand, happy valley on improving consumer experience in the industry forefront. The introduction of AR experience, combined with the science and technology + consumption, in happy valley on the group's business comprehensive explore and create new consumption scenarios, let users experience unprecedented fresh experience. As the first domestic large-scale landing on the C end AR projects, allegedly the use AR glasses number up to 2000 units, experience covering area of 35 square meters. The tide play section with AR as the theme, emerging technologies combined with traditional entertainment, seven big AR topic area, two big AR tide play space, 400 virtual ghosts, as well as many new experience AR project. According to understand, happy valley 20th anniversary of the founding accumulated tourists have more than 1. 800 million, becoming the largest number of tourists brand theme parks in China. Tide play day evening last year a total of about 350000 people, tourists, Evening) Peak flow up to 4. 70000 people. The happy valley comprehensive incoming AR, also marks the domestic theme park in consumption patterns and consumption content is entering a new stage. Park multiple regions use well-known IP content, on the user's perception of AR technology is the lack of phase, played the effect, attract the attention of the user IP reduces the threshold of the users to accept the new technology. And creepier theme park, the light and sound rendering combined with AR technology, let thriller level upgrade again. From conversion equipment to teaching, to fit to use, basic 10 minutes can complete, scan the qr code using a small bundle of glasses, can view the campus each big experience area layout, including AR glasses refund points, AR service station, battery replacement, etc. ( Mobile phone small program are equipped with a map, etc) 。 The experience is the Pacific Ocean in the future science and technology of the second generation of AR glasses product - — 是玻璃。 Glasses look great technology and similar sunglasses, in order to fit more long and steady wear, mirror legs to tighten to larger, and increased the telescopic belt can be adjusted. Glasses bazoo holds removable, the user can with a pair of glasses puts AR glasses over his glasses. AR glasses used separation design, so the overall weight is lighter, and use the USB - processing unit C line connection, experience when processing unit put in pockets, with you. Open AR C end the key to the consumer market in 2019, although there are many products for consumption of the AR glasses officially released, but really landing on the C end is just beginning. The ground of oct happy valley AR projects, whether for offline exploration in the form of entertainment, or for AR industry development has played a very positive role. And this is the domestic and global AR glasses for the first time in the large-scale application on C. According to li million, this project will be laid in 2000 amglass AR glasses. In addition to the shenzhen happy valley, Beijing happy valley also joined the AR experience. In recent years, become a mainstream technology and the text brigade, VR, AR, holographic projection, interactive projection technology have been used in the traditional tourism industry. Compared with traditional tourism, AR and VR with theme park not only brings more immersive and interactive, users initiative also more out of curiosity.
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